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Understanding Gradings when buying Refurbished iPhones & Mobiles from Dealsdray

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What is a Refurbished Grade?

Refurbished mobile phones are a cost-effective alternative to buying new, with gradings indicating the device’s condition. The understanding of these gradings is essential for making an informed purchase. 

There is a grading scale ranging from A, like-new quality to phones with visible signs of wear and tear.

Refurbished products are graded based on three main factors:

How many cosmetic imperfections do they have (e.g., scratches, scuffs, and other marks)?What is the previous owner’s usage history of the product?How is it packaged?

Choosing the right grade is about balancing appearance, functionality, and price, as well as the availability of different options. It is helpful for retailers to provide detailed descriptions of their products, while warranties add an extra layer of security.

What does Refurbished Grade A mean?

Fully Functional Handsets Tested on Over 40 Parameters: When you choose one of our handsets, you’re not just getting a refurbished device. The handsets are thoroughly examined and tested across more than 40 different parameters.

100% Functional, Just Like New: Our commitment to quality means that each handset is not only fully functional but also mirrors the experience of a brand-new phone. Despite being pre-owned, these handsets show very little wear. 

30-Day Warranty: Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer a 30-day warranty on our handsets. Our commitment to your experience is demonstrated by this warranty. 

No Minor Scratches: One of the hallmarks of our refurbished handsets is their pristine condition. As appearance matters, we ensure that each device is scratch-free. With this meticulous attention to detail, you get a handset that works great and looks great – as if it was just unboxed.

Packaged in a Dealsdray Rekrafted Premium Box: To complete your experience, every handset comes packaged in our exclusive Deals Dray Rekrafted Premium box. 

What does Refurbished Grade B mean?

Fully Functional Handsets Tested on Over 40 Parameters: Each handset undergoes rigorous testing, covering over 40 parameters to guarantee full functionality. From screen responsiveness to battery efficiency, this comprehensive evaluation ensures smooth operation. 

Not more than 3 Functional Limitations: While the devices are guaranteed to be functional, they may exhibit up to three minor functional issues. These could include slight imperfections with the flashlight, headset microphone, proximity sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, or FM radio.

No Warranty Offered: It’s critical to note that these handsets do not come with warranties. The lack of a warranty is reflected in the competitive pricing, which offers a balance between cost and quality. 

4 to 5 Minor Scratches: These devices may have up to 4-5 minor scratches. It’s functionality is not affected by these cosmetic blemishes.

What does Refurbished Grade Fair B mean?

Fully Functional Handsets Tested on Over 40 Parameters: Every handset is meticulously tested on over 40 different aspects to guarantee complete functionality. A thorough testing process ensures that each device performs at its best.

100% Display Quality: These devices boast 100% up-to-date display quality, ensuring crisp, clear visuals. With this quality check, users are assured that their mobile viewing experience will be optimal.

Not more than 3 Functional Limitations: While the handsets are fully functional, there may be up to three minor issues, which could affect the flashlight, headset microphone, proximity sensor, Bluetooth, or FM radio.

No Warranty Provided: It’s worthwhile for buyers to know that these devices do not come with a warranty. Often, this is reflected in their more affordable pricing, which appeals to those who prioritize value.

Visible Signs of Usage: These devices may show clear signs of previous use, with up to 8-10 scratches and 2-3 dents. Although these marks are visible, they are cosmetic and do not affect the device’s performance.

What does Refurbished Grade B minus mean?

Fully Functional Handsets Tested on Over 40 Parameters: Each handset is rigorously tested over 40 parameters to ensure that every aspect of functionality meets high standards. 

Display with Visible spots: Despite being fully functional, the display may have spots, shadows, or dots. The fingerprint sensor may not work in some models. In exchange for functionality and cost-effectiveness, these are minor compromises.

Not more than 3 Functional Limitations: These devices might have up to three minor functional limitations, such as issues with the flashlight, headset microphone, proximity sensor, Bluetooth, or FM radio.

No Warranty Offered: As with other categories, these handsets come without a warranty. Pricing is competitive, which is a factor to consider for budget-conscious shoppers.

Visible Signs of Usage: These devices may exhibit 5-7 visible scratches, indicating their previous usage. Even though these scratches are noticeable, they do not affect the phone’s functionality, and remind us how sustainable and cost-effective refurbished devices can be.

Understanding Grading system for Refurbished Mobile Phones. from Vivek Prasannan

Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones With Confidence At Dealsdray.Com

Understanding refurbished mobile phone gradings is essential to making an informed purchase. Retailers grade their phones differently based on their own criteria for categorizing their condition.

Each grade reflects the cosmetic condition and functionality of the device. Make sure you carefully read the retailer’s descriptions and decide which grade aligns with your preferences and budget.

Higher grades, such as Grade A, will cost more, but offer a device that is closer to brand new. Make sure you consider warranties and the reliability of the seller before purchasing a refurbished phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Different Gradings of Refurbished Mobile Phones

What do the different grades of refurbished phones mean?

Refurbished phones are graded according to their condition, with each retailer having its own system. Grade A, for example, means the phone is near-new or in pristine condition, Grade B may have minor cosmetic damage, and Grade B minus will show visible wear and tear.

How should I decide which refurbished phone grade to choose?

Based on your desired cosmetic appearance and budget, research the prices for your preferred grade, keeping in mind that the availability of refurbished stock can fluctuate.

Why is it important to read detailed descriptions of refurbished phones?

You can set the right expectations before buying a phone by reading detailed descriptions of the phone’s cosmetic condition and functionality. Retailers should be transparent about the grade and what it entails.

Is it necessary to act quickly when finding a good deal on a refurbished phone?

Due to the varying stock from trade-ins, specific colors and storage capacities may change rapidly. If you find a deal that meets your specifications, act quickly.

What are the advantages of buying a refurbished phone with a warranty?

Refurbished phones come with warranties to provide a level of assurance and reliability. The retailer will address any issues if they arise, compared to purchasing a used phone without a warranty.

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