Have you ever heard of someone spotting a fantastic price on an iPhone? You heard it exactly. Nowadays, a premium iPhone at a fraction of its original cost is yours to acquire. 

We will discuss in this blog how used iPhones in India are so reasonably priced and how anyone wishing to have an iPhone without sacrificing the quality could find a great, low-cost choice here.

What is a Secondhand iPhone?

Secondhand iPhones are those that have been owned or used by someone else in past times.

These iPhones can have been lightly used or refurbished to seem and operate like new. Buying a used iPhone lets you enjoy all the advantages of owning an iPhone without having to spend a large price.

The iPhone 15 series was unveiled several months ago, and the expected iPhone 16 will be unveiled this fall. Apple's iPhone 15 series consists of a base iPhone 15 and a more expansive iPhone 15 Plus with like features. Additionally available are the higher-end iPhone 15 Pro and Apple 15 Pro Max, the latter of which stands out more than past Max models for a few features.

When we talk about the pricing of these latest models, Apple retained the same INR 79,900 starting price for the iPhone 15 and INR 89,900 for the iPhone 15 Plus smartphones. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro retains an INR 1,34,900 starting price while the iPhone 15 Pro Max costs โ‚น1,59,900.

Do the consumers really want to give this much to get a iPhone? How come Secondhand iPhones are a better option?
Let's discuss.....

Refurbished iPhones VS Secondhand iPhones

Refurbished iPhones offer a middle ground between brand-new and used devices. Refurbished iPhones are phones returned to their original manufacturer, repaired, and restored to like-new condition by a company that offers Certification of Refurbishment along with the phone. The majority of these devices have been sent back due to repairable faults or purchased on the buyback market. After rigorous testing and repair, they are resold with a warranty.

Every part of the iPhone is carefully examined by technicians during refurbishing. To ensure that the phone functions properly, they repair or replace any faulty components. Refurbished phones work just as well as new ones thanks to the process

A second-hand iPhones are used previously and is being sold in it's current state. It is important to understand how secondhand phones differ from refurbished phones if you are considering buying one.

Checklist for Second-hand iPhones:

No Checks for Hardware issues
No Checks for Software Issues
No Checks for Battery Life Status

How are Secondhand iPhones different from Refurbished iPhones in DealsDray?

Certified Refurbishers extensively repair and quality verify refurbished iPhones. DealsDray rebuilt iPhones pass more than 40+ quality tests covering device examination, part repairs, thorough testing to guarantee best performance, and grading based on quality and certification.

Second-hand Phones in DealsDray passed all the Quality checks and classified as DealsDray Certified. Here are the Checklist of functionalities when buying Secondhand iPhones from DealsDray:

Display Condition: Display will be having Minor Line or Scratches and Discolorations.
Calling feature will be 100% functional.
SIM slots will be properly working.
Fingertouch screen lock will be properly working.
Back and Front Camera will be 100% functional.
Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity will be 100% functional.
Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity will be 100% functional.
Device battery will be properly working depending on the grades.
Device IMEI number is verified.
Physical condition - Device will be having Minor Scratches, Dents, and Discoloartions.

Listings of DealsDray Secondhand iPhones

In this section, you can see the brief comparison of the prices for Secondhand iPhones in DealsDray, Refurbished iPhones on Cashify, and New iPhones in Flipkart. 

Banner image of Secondhand iPhones from DealsDray

Apple iPhone 6
(32 GB) - B Minus Grade 

32 GB - Secondhand iPhone - B Minus Grade

Cashify Refurbished iPhone 6 Price

6,499.00 INR

Flipkart New iPhone 6 Price

30,780.00 INR

Dealsdray Best Secondhand iPhone 6 Price

INR 2,799.00

Secondhand iPhone 6s from DealsDray

Apple iPhone 6s
(32 GB) - B Minus Grade

32 GB - Secondhand iPhone - B Minus Grade

Cashify Refurbished iPhone 6s Price

13,099.00 INR

Flipkart New iPhone 6s Price

39,900.00 INR

Dealsdray Best Secondhand iPhone 6s Price

INR 3,499.00

Secondhand iPhone 7 from DealsDray

Apple iPhone 7
(32 GB) - B Minus Grade

32 GB - Secondhand iPhone - Fair B Grade

Cashify Refurbished iPhone 7 Price

9,499.00 INR

Flipkart New iPhone 7 Price

31,500.00 INR

Dealsdray Best Secondhand iPhone 7 Price

INR 4,599.00

Secondhand iPhone 6S from DealsDray

Apple iPhone SE
(32 GB) - B Minus Grade

32 GB - Refurbished iPhone - Fair B Grade

Cashify Refurbished iPhone SE Price

16,999 INR

Flipkart New iPhone SE Price

22,290 INR

Dealsdray Best Secondhand iPhone SE Price

INR 3,499.00

The only difference between the grades is the aesthetic condition of the phone. 

Buy Secondhand iPhones With Confidence At Dealsdray.Com

Getting a dependable and reasonably priced Secondhand iPhone in India makes wise financial sense. Using Dealsdray.com or any of the other advised sites will help you to locate a high-end gadget suited for your budget and desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Secondhand iPhones in India.

What are the main benefits of buying a secondhand iPhone?

The main benefits include significant cost savings, access to high-quality devices, and a positive environmental impact by reducing electronic waste.

What are the risks associated with buying a secondhand iPhone?

The risks include potential hidden damages, lack of warranty, and the possibility of encountering scams or fraudulent sellers.

How can I verify the condition of a secondhand iPhone before purchasing?

To verify the condition, you can perform a physical inspection, check software and functionality, and use diagnostic tools to assess the device's health.

What should I consider for long-term use when buying a secondhand iPhone?

Consider factors like the availability of software updates and support, the potential resale value, and the costs of maintenance and repairs.

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