Purchasing a Secondhand iPhone—always in great demand—is a smart method to cut costs on an Apple smartphone. There are a few things you should check before shelling out your money on a secondhand good. Though you should always be cautious, you could want to grab at a bargain on a brand-new iPhone that seems too good to be true. 

Purchasing secondhand carries hazards, particularly from someone you don't know. Should the phone pass all of these tests, however, you know you are obtaining a quality phone at a reasonable price. If not, advance to the next vendor. Getting a fake will spare you the headache and money you might lose.

Checking the Physical state of iPhone

Examining the condition of a Secondhand iPhone or visiting an iPhone reseller's store is quite vital to make sure it fits the grade you are looking for. Its functionality might suffer from major damage.

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Also check for any wear and tear, confirm the battery condition, and make sure all features are operational. Close inspection guarantees a good purchase and helps to avoid possible problems.

Check the Battery Health of iPhone

Examining the battery life of a secondhand iPhone helps you to ensure you are obtaining a device. will endure. Best performance and longest lifetime depend on a decent battery. Use the following to find out if the battery of a used iPhone still holds:

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Make sure the has at least 80% of its capacity left if you choose to purchase a Grade A item. Try it if at all possible to ensure the iPhone battery runs at maximum.

Make sure the iPhone is not stolen

Before you purchase a secondhand iPhone, you really should make sure it hasn't been stolen. Apple's security mechanisms can render a stolen iPhone worthless, hence, if you purchase one without knowing it, you run legal risk.

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Furthermore make sure the iPhone is not locked to an iCloud account owned by a former owner; this will also make the phone useless and point to possible theft.

Check the IMEI Number of the iPhone

To find out whether the iPhone has been stolen, use its IMEI, or MEID number. Either ask the seller for the IMEI number or follow the instructions below to obtain it:

Image showing checking IMEI number of iPhone
Check the settings of the device; dial *#06#; or find the IMEI or MEID number on the original package or SIM card tray. Verifying the state of the iPhone depends on this knowledge.

Grab the iPhone then find the Settings app. Put "General". Press " ABOUT." If you scroll down, the number is next to IMEI, sometimes known as MEID. Usually, the number consists in fifteen digits.
Once you have the IMEI number, you can search internet databases to check if the iPhone has been claimed stolen. Type the IMEI number of the phone on websites such as Swappa and IMEI.info to find out whether the phone is claimed to be stolen.

Check the status of the activation lock

Activation Lock is a safety function that will stop other people from using your iPhone if you lose or have it stolen. Before you buy a used iPhone, you must make sure that the Activation Lock is turned off.

Banner image showing activation lock status

How to Use Activation Lock?

Click on General in Settings. Click on "About." Tap on "Activation Lock Status" when you get to the bottom of the list.
Find a line that says "Find My iPhone on." There may have been theft of the iPhone before this line appears, so you should be careful before making a purchase.

What to Do If the Activation Lock Is On?

If you see that Activation Lock is turned on, make the seller enter their password to unlock the iPhone. You can get rid of Activation Lock on an iPhone by turning off "Find My iPhone" in Settings. 
It's important to look at the iPhone's service and parts past before buying it to make sure you're getting a reliable device. 

Check the seller's reputation 

It's just as important to read reviews of the seller as it is of the phone itself. If you want to know how trustworthy the seller is and whether the used iPhones they sell are good, this is the only way to find out. This isn't possible for online deals, so you'll have to do your research online instead..

For instance, Dealsdray.com has over 550+ ratings on Google Reviews.

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It can be smart and cost-effective to buy a Secondhand iPhone, but you need to think about it carefully and check it out carefully. After reading this piece, you can greatly lower the risks of buying a used device by using the checklist it gives you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look at first if I want to buy a used iPhone?

First, check the iPhone's physical state. Look for damage to the screen, such as scratches or dents, and make sure the camera lenses are still in good shape.

How can I tell if a used iPhone's battery is still good?

You can use the iPhone's settings to check the battery health, see if the battery is growing, and see how much power it has left.

How can I keep my iPhone from getting stolen?

To make sure the iPhone hasn't been reported as stolen, check the IMEI number, use online lists of stolen phones, and talk to the seller.

What should I do if I can't get into my iPhone?

Don't buy an iPhone that is "Activation Locked." You can find out about the Activation Lock state online and ask the seller for more information if you need it.

How can I look at a used iPhone's service and parts history?

Use Apple's Service and Support Coverage tool to learn more about the device and make sure it only has genuine Apple parts. You can also look at the past of repairs.

When you buy a used iPhone online, what are the risks?

There are risks, like getting a phone that is broken or stolen. Be careful at all times, read reviews and scores, talk to the seller, and look over the return and warranty policies.

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